About Us

Magic Touch Cleaning & Maintenance


Since 1996, Magic Touch Cleaning & Maintenance has been providing quality service to hundreds of commercial and residential clients.

Magic Touch Cleaning & Maintenance is an owner-operated company geared to service your every cleaning need. To uphold our reputation as a quality and expedient cleaning company, we deploy the best modern (cleaning) equipment used in all fields of cleaning.

The success of Magic Touch Cleaning & Maintenance rests on the genuine personal care and attention we give all our customers. We cater to all our client’s needs we do not leave our customers dissatisfied.

We are constantly striving to be one step ahead in an ever changing market and recognize the need to be different so we stand apart from our competitors. Our goal is customer satisfaction.


Magic Touch Cleaning & Maintenance knows our customers are the backbone of our business. We strive for dedication, professionalism, excellence and assurance.

The “Magic” to our success is the pride and devotion we put into our work. When it comes to cleaning, you need a company with experience you can trust - a company with tradition of quality cleaning and a reputation for innovation you need.

“Magic Touch Cleaning & Maintenance Where Perfection is our Objective”